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How To Plan And Organise An Easter Egg Hunt: Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues, Riddles And Hiding Place Ideas

Essential ingredients for any good hunt are mini eggs because they provide lots of fun individual prizes, and larger eggs or, perhaps, a cute soft toy bunny for the real treasure at the end of the search.

Easter Egg Hunt Plan

It’s a good idea to plan two separate hunts. The major one is where the kids move from clue to clue (perhaps with a reward of a Creme Egg or a Kinder for each one), while the second is more casual, with miniature eggs easily stumbled upon as the kids follow their clues.

A great tip is to wrap indidivual small eggs in cling film. Not only is this more hygienic, but you can also twist the excess cling film, making it easier to tie or stick them to objects. Whether this is an outdoor or indoor easter egg hunt, start by noting some unusual hiding places. These might include:

● Under the kitchen table.

● In a half-empty egg box.

● In dad’s sock drawer.

● Taped to a football.

● Taped to mum’s back.

● In the laundry basket.

Narrow your list down to about six or eight of the best places.

How to Do an Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s assume that we’ve decided to use the six hiding places listed above. The laundry basket is probably the best place for the final cache as it’s nice and spacious. The next job is to work out the order of clues. Keeping plenty of distance between hiding places gets the kids running all over the place and heightens the suspense.

On Easter Sunday the kids will demand their eggs. A cover story is needed. With a sad face, present them with a large bowl, empty save for a note and one small egg rattling inside. The note might say:

“Dear Children, I am afraid that on my way to deliver your eggs my naughty little brother stole them from me! He says that he’s hidden them all over the house and the only way to find them is by solving his clues. I’ve tried, but the clues are too hard for me. I hope you have better luck than I did! Love, Easter Bunny.”

The note then reveals the first clue and the hunt is on!

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues and Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

The clues could include anagrams or drawings or very simple word searches, but here are a few ideas for riddles and rhymes:

● The egg box: “Six bald heads / In their cardboard beds / Thin shells and much to fear / Please find your next clue here.”

● The sock drawer: “For your next nice treat / Think of Dad’s big feet / What keeps them cosy? / Open a drawer! Be nosy!”

● Under the kitchen table: “Next you’ll need to get down low / In a room downstairs that you know / Where lunch and dinner each day is made / Here’s where your clue has been laid.”

● Mum’s back: “The next clue can move about! / Stop it now with a shout! / If you see Mum but not the clue / Follow her ’til she shows you!”

● On a football: “‘Where to next?’ I hear you yelp / I suppose I should try and help / It’s easy to get out this hole / Just go outside and score a goal.”

● Laundry basket: “I have to admit you’re rather smart / You’ve shown a lot of brains and heart / Go back inside and use your eyes / Soon you will find your big prize / Think of dirty shirts and co. / Before the washing machine, where do they go?”

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