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How To Make a Huge Easter Bouquet: Create A Backdrop As a Focal Point For a Creative Easter Theme

Create festive atmosphere when you make this huge Easter Bouquet. The colourful backdrop will motivate students and keep them focused as they anticipate the coming holiday.

The huge vase of flowers will become even more exciting as students add bees and butterflies that hover about the bouquet. Create a large Easter Bunny cutout to act as a centre prop. Children enjoy decorating Easter eggs to place around the composition.

The artwork will consist of

  • a very large cardboard vase
  • collage stems for flowers and leaves
  • drawings of flowers, bees, butterflies, bunnies and Easter Eggs
  • a large cardboard bunny

Australian teachers may prefer to cut out an Easter Bilby to be the star of the show.

Focal Point of Interaction

  • The composition can be planned so that it will emerge in the classroom; growing around the children.
  • When it is finished, it can be transferred to a spiritual space to become a visual presence for liturgy.
  • The process sets context, which will invite all students to take part in constructing the set for a school farewell celebration before the holidays

Time Your Preparations

Start this project well ahead of time.

  • The Backdrop should be hoisted at the beginning of the project so that the children can see the work emerging
  • Take students through a guided imagery so that they can visual the outcome before they begin
  • How much time is needed depends on how many classes take part in the project.

Elements of the Project

Plan the project in discreet segments.

  • Teach the students how to make the flowers
  • Plan a drawing lesson for creating insects
  • Brainstorm ways to create the other integrated elements of the design
  • Set aside a full lesson to integrate and synthesise the work

The artwork will be a wonderful boost to creative impetous for the festivities of the season.

Plan to stagger the placement of elements of the design during the festivities or liturgy. Time the placement of the bunny and the eggs well after the finish date of the vase of flowers. The project allows for all kinds of staggered celebrations and staging of events.

Materials List

Gather art supplies such as collage, scissors and glue.

In addition, for the drop you will need

  • a lengthy roll of a thick and sturdy paper
  • rods
  • stapler
  • cord to suspend the hanging

For the vase and the large bunny you will need

  • 2 large sheets of coloured cardboard
  • spray paint
  • paint and brushes
  • large black permanent markers

For the flowers and the insects you will need

  • a ream of A4 paper
  • oil pastels
  • vegetable dye


Create the banner by

  • stretching the paper roll to the ceiling
  • lay it down and place rods at both ends
  • fold a flap over each rod
  • staple the flaps so that the rod remains firmly inside with a little showing at each end
  • tie cords either side of the top rod for hanging
  • hang the blank back drop

Make the vase by

  • cutting out the shape in a coloured cardboard
  • use Fuax Finishing techniques to make the vase look realistic
  • spray silver so that it looks like the vase is shiny

Create stems

  • cutting long strips of a green material
  • cut some leaves from green cardboard
  • glue them to the backdrop

Create the composition

  • have the students create flowers
  • have them create the bees and butterflies

Make a large cardboard cut out bunny by

  • projecting a cartoon on to a large sheet of cardboard
  • tracing the bunny
  • have someone mature paint this bunny

Integrating the Composition

As each element of the design is created, paste it on to the design. The design will grow in front of the students and they will really feel a part of something special.

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