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Green Tips For Easter Baskets For Kids: Create Candy Baskets With Organic Decorated Eggs & Treats

Easter baskets seem relatively harmless; however, with all the unnecessary box and foil candy wrapping combined with plastic grass and Easter eggs, the holiday can be very unhealthy for the environment. Instead, this Easter, create an eco-friendly basket to show children that the environment is important, no matter what day it is.

Easter Basket Grass, Organic Easter Eggs & Natural Easter Egg Dye

To begin, select a basket that is secondhand. In other words, perhaps there is a basket lying around in the attic or in the garage. Clean and use this basket first, so as not to waste the Earth’s natural resources and waste money. If there is no basket lying around, then purchase a real wood basket at a craft store and reuse for many Easters down the line. When the child has grown up, either pass the basket onto someone with children or reuse it for books, knitting supplies or other items.

Fake plastic grass does not break down in a landfill for possibly hundreds of years. Neither does the plastic bag the grass comes in. Therefore, this year, sprinkle real grass throughout the basket or cut some spring flowers and arrange them in between the eggs and candy. It will make for a beautiful, natural display.

Opt for real eggs instead of plastic ones, which take precious resources to be made. Make sure the eggs are “organically fed” and say “USDA certified organic” on the carton. This means that the chickens are not pumped with antibiotics – unless there is an infectious outbreak.

Make dyes from natural sources such as foods. For example, the juice from pickled beets makes a great pink dye or a small amount of purple grape juice makes a beautiful light purple dye. For the color yellow, use boiled lemon or orange peels. And for red, try boiled red onion skins.

Easter Chicks Bunnies

Please don’t be one of those people who buy her/his child a baby chick or bunny on Easter. Unless, the family lives on a farm and can raise the baby animal until old age, this is a bad idea. Every year, animal shelters are overwhelmed with unwanted Easter bunnies. Often times, children adore them for a couple weeks and then lose interest. So do the parents.

Natural Candy Store

Having an eco-friendly Easter involves making a few easy choices of what to purchase and what not to purchase. Using natural eggs, dyes, basket fillers and candy can make all the difference for the environment and for children to understand the importance of Mother Earth

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