Happy Easter

Gourmet Easter Baskets: A High-nd Gift Basket For Those Who Can Appreciate It

Easter comes but once a year, and it’s the one time that people can really get into giving each other great food. This year, instead of forgoing older, more sophisticated, loved ones a basket at all, make Easter really count with a holiday gift basket that’s sure to please the most delicate palate with a gourmet arrangement that they wished they’d have received in years past.

Oils and Butters for Those who Love to Cook Gourmet Meals

Gourmet food doesn’t simply have to be enjoyed; the joy can also be in the preparation. While most would be unlikely to tell the difference between canola oil and olive oil, those who know the difference would love a bottle of aged culinary oil. These kinds of olive oils add something special to a dish with their fresh and natural aroma.

Butter is another condiment that mere mortals tend not to appreciate, but for those who know the difference, there is a wide gap between what can be purchased at Wal-Mart and truffle butter, which can be enjoyed with pasta, potatoes, or with a slice of cinnamon toast.

For those enjoying caviar, a better choice of butter would be a smooth and creamy Creme Fraiche, which is matured for maximum utility. After all, when one seeks the best, they should find it. And while shopping for those who love to cook, don’t forget peppercorns. They’ll love it.

Cheese for Those Who Love to Enjoy Gourmet Food

There are so many choices of cheese for people to enjoy. For those who are unsure, a sampler of soft cheeses are a great place to start, but for the more adventurous, one can buy their cheese by the type of milk they’re made with. One could only imagine the last time they had buffalo milk cheese.

While it may sound like a strange gift, those who love fine food will think highly of having been thought of. Cheeses come in many varieties between soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, hard, and those for fondue. Cheese lovers will love the great variety.

Truffles go Beyond Chocolate

People naturally think of smooth, creamy chocolate when they think of truffles. Lovers of gourmet food, however, think of a seasoning that is coveted the world over. France is known for its black truffle while Italy boasts a fine white truffle, but the fungi (yes, it’s a fungi) does not have to be purchased as is.

Truffle products include honey, butter, and seasoning mixes with sea salt, all of which can add immense pleasure to many meals over.

Loved ones with sophisticated tastes often have to forgo them for the typical, mundane Easter treats, but this Easter, they don’t have to when gourmet baskets are so readily available.

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