Happy Easter

Easter Poems: Creative Poems For The Classroom

Poems are beautiful arts of works that require the students to organize, plan, plan, and plan again for the poem to flow from one line to the next. As well, students broaden their vocabulary as they write poems because they must find a short phrase or word to convey a thought or emotion.

Interlink poetry writing with the holiday of Easter to teach students about the holiday and its various traditions.

Short Easter Poems

Students draw a picture of their favourite Easter activity, such as egg hunting, dressing up for church, or dinner with family. Students write a poem to correspond with the picture.

The poem may be in a haiku style, free style or the student’s choice. The teacher may introduce a new poem style to the class and have all students write in the same poetry style.

Religious Easter Poems

A poem on how they feel about Jesus dying for Christians.

Poem about the student’s believe, if Jesus rose from the dead 3 days later.

Poem on how they celebrate Easter

Bunny Easter Poems

A poem on the origin of the Easter Bunny.

A poem about the life of a bunny. Students may write about the habitat of a bunny that is a pet or living in the wild.

Poem to describe a bunny’s physical appearance.

Easter Play Poem

Students write a poem and act it out to the class, with or without props. The students may wish to have one person read the poem and the other students act it out. As well, they may have all the students read a part of the poem as they act it out to the class.

The teacher may pre-select an Easter poem and the students act it out for the class and/or school. Teacher may choose students to perform certain actions as they read the poem.

Easter Poem Story

Students write a poem in a story format to explain the meaning of the Christian Easter. Students write with descriptive language to give the reader a detail account of Easter with limited words.

Students write a story about the origin of the Easter bunny and relay the information via poetry.

Students write a timeline on the introduction of Easter to North America (geared for intermediate and high school students)

Poems are a great tool to utilize for students to learn how to be concise with their writing. Students need to use one word to describe a feeling rather than a few sentences.

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