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Easter Knitting And Crochet: Ideas For Easter Baskets

With spring approaching, knitters and crocheting fans often begin to think about spring related projects. For those who face the need to fill Easter baskets and Easter Eggs, thoughts often turn to pulling out needles, hooks and yarn to fill those baskets.

Amigurumi meets Easter

Amigurumi is a Japanese form of making small stuffed toys. Most people think of it as a crochet form, but knitters are also working on projects and books are being published to help them learn techniques and provide patterns to knit. For those looking to add stuffed toys to Easter baskets Amigurumi patterns can be a fun, inexpensive way to produce a wide range of toys.

Patterns can be found in a variety of places. Free patterns are available widely on the Internet. Most of the major yarn companies publish free patterns and Amigurumi patterns for crochet are becoming more popular. Lion Brand even has free patterns geared to Easter themes. Many books while not specifically geared to Easter do have bunnies, ducks, chicks, lambs, and other traditional Easter animals. Many libraries and bookstores carry Amigurumi books.

Doll Clothes

Christmas has passed and the beloved Christmas dolls could used some new outfits. For those who like to put items in Easter Eggs other than candy, some of the fashion doll clothes do fit. Those who are outfitting Barbie and Ken with beach vacation wear will find this even easier. Spring dresses and other outfits are a nice addition to a fashion doll fan’s Easter basket. For those who keep a supply of crochet thread and sports yarn on hand, this can be an economical way to make a special Easter for a girl.

American Girl owners should not feel left out. There are many free patterns for the 18” doll available on the Internet to keep hooks and needles busy filling Easter baskets. Since the outfits are larger, the baskets do fill more quickly. Choosing a historical theme, a spring dress, or even an Easter holiday dress are all great options for increasing a wardrobe while filling the Easter basket

Easter Basket Themes

Never ignore the power of themes. Many manufacturers market Easter toys based on themes that have little to do with Easter. There are plenty of knit and crochet patterns that are based on children’s favorite characters that make appropriate Easter gifts. If there is a character or theme that a child loves, someone has created knit and crochet patterns that support that theme. It is a matter of searching.

General themes also make good knit and crochet pattern choices. Knights and castles can be a central theme. Finger puppets, a crocheted castle, clothing items, and other crocheted and knit items can be included in a basket. It depends on the interests of the child and the abilities of the person creating the basket.

Knitting and crocheting can be a fun and inexpensive way to add great safe gifts to Easter baskets. Many parents like the idea of having more control over the toys their children are playing with and making them is one way to gain more control. It is also a way to contain costs in tough budgetary times.

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