Happy Easter

Easter Fun For The Family: Great Ideas To Celebrate Easter With Kids

Most kids will associate Easter with Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. But Easter is much more than having these familiar icons. For Christians, it’s the time to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the time for family gatherings.

Make this Easter memorable by getting everyone in the family involved in several Easter activities. Here are a few ideas to have some Easter fun for the family.

Stage an Easter Play at Home

Easter plays are still widely held at schools, churches, parks and community halls before and on Easter. So why not stage an Easter play at home too? The play doesn’t necessarily have to be about the days leading to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Try writing an original play instead using themes such as hope, faith and friendships. A puppet Easter play will appeal to the kids too. Brainstorm with the kids for ideas. For more Easter play ideas, check out the Lucylearns website.

Read Easter Stories

Read a children’s Easter story every evening the few days before Easter Sunday. It’s definitely a great way to spend quality time with kids. There are many Easter stories to share with young children. Many are beautifully illustrated too. Check out the local library or the kids’ school libraries for ideas.

Great choices include The Best Thing about Easter by Christine Harder Tangvald [Standard Publishing Company, 2003], Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown [Golden Books, 2003], Bunny Trouble by Hans Wilhelm [Scholastic Paperbooks, 2001], The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing [Grosset & Dunlap, 1999] and The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever [Cartwheel, 1997].

Watch Easter Movies

Another great way to celebrate Easter is by watching Easter movies. Hit the nearest video store and check out Easter offerings such as Winnie the Pooh – Springtime with Roo (2004), It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974), Dora the Explorer – Egg Hunt (2004), The Littlest Angel’s Easter (1998), An Easter Bunny Adventure (2004), Yogi the Easter Bear (1993), VeggieTales – an Easter Carol (2003), The Easter Storykeepers (1997) and Easter Promise/The Witness (1996).

Make Your Own Easter Cards

Recycle old Easter cards and turn them into new ones. Cut out pictures of Easter eggs, bunnies and other nice shapes from the old cards and paste them on plain hard paper. Get the kids to help with pasting and coloring. They can then write greetings on the new cards and deliver them to classmates and friends.

Start a New Easter Tradition

Making Easter eggs, paper Easter bunnies, bunny baskets and hosting an Easter egg hunt are popular Easter traditions in many families. Try to start new ones too to make Easter even more memorable. Consider creating an annual Easter album capturing precious moments during Easter, sending the same Easter card back and forth to a friend or sibling year after year or adding more specially made Easter eggs sprayed with an acrylic sealer to an existing Easter egg collection. These will hold special memories in years to come.

Easter is certainly a lot more fun and meaningful when the entire family engages in some great Easter activities. Parents can celebrate Easter with kids by staging an Easter play at home, reading Easter stories, watching Easter movies, making their own Easter cards and starting a new Easter tradition.

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