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Happy Easter

Easter Colouring Pages: Symbolic And Festive Pages With Numeracy And Literacy Boosters

There are many more uses for coloring pages than merely filling in time and filling in between the lines. Teachers can use them to introduce topics and to keep the kids focused as well as relaxed and conversational. Below you will find useful coloring page links for Easter and some suggestions about how to integrate them creatively to enhance and enthuse numeracy and literacy.

Use them as discussion starters when talking about symbolism

  • resurrection symbols and TDK have an delightful range of Christian Coloring Pages symbolic of the Easter Story. The artist has captured the amazement and wonder of the Easter Story in a beautiful childlike way. The pages will capture the children’s imagination and assist you to pass on inspiration to the children.
  • eggs and Activity Village have a range of decorative eggs. They can be the basics of a maths through art lesson. Give the children one coloring page and ask them to design another to share with the class. They will use simple division principles. This can be a lead in activity to a themed unit on tessellations.
  • Do the children go camping over the Easter break? Get them all fired up and enthused about the coming leisure activities. I particularly like this coloring page because it shows the wonder of camping and captures the relaxation and fun that the kids are sure to have over the break. As a literacy booster I suggest that you invite the children to design coloring pages of their own. They can give the page/s uncolored to their friends as Easter Gifts to complete over the break. If you are trying to foster a love of literacy encourage them to make coloring pages for each other and to send the completed coloured page to each other in a card that says – “This is how my page turned out – how did yours?” Encourage letter writing as much as possible. Ask the children to keep a visual diary over the break so that they can share their writing, poetry and drawing when they return to school. Perhaps they can glue pictures from their break into their Visual Journals so that they can be used as writing prompts for the class on their return to school.
  • If you are a member of a Christian community, you may want to talk about the feasting and celebration of Easter. This topic could be a wonderful lead in to a discussion about the last supper. Show them DaVinci’s Last Supper and ask questions about how the participants may have been feeling. These colouring pages are delightful in the way they present the Christian message. Dinner and feasting. You might ask the children to remember a “night before dinner” of their own. Perhaps they were going off to hospital or on holiday without dad. Ask them to write their own little story or poem about that experience.

Coloring Pages can be used as:

  • fun activities when you know the kids are excited about the coming festivities and need some quiet time to reflect. I tend to invite students to draw first from the coloring page and then to shade and blend paint and adorn with glitter pens and other embellishments. However, sometimes quiet colouring can be good for them too
  • examples of characterization so that they are stimulated to think of their own simple ideas. I like to print off many pages and have the children vote for the one that speaks most aptly to them. It is important that the children be able to explain the discernment of their choices.
  • images that can be transported into Adobe Photoshop Elements or other Art packages. In this way, students can be encouraged to practice their computing skills. They can practice collage techniques and use all kinds of filters.
  • stimulus for card making. If you want this to boost literacy help them write verse on the cards.

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