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Easter Bunny Tips: Keep Kids Believing In Easter Icon

It is always difficult to watch kids grow up and lose the myths of their youth. There is no specific age when a child stops believing in ideas like the Easter Bunny; each child and family is different. As time carries on, children are growing up faster and giving up on seasonal icons like the Easter Bunny at a younger age than before. Here are a few tips to keep the belief of the Easter Bunny alive is small children.

Send out an Easter Note

Children love to get mail addressed to themselves. This year, have the Easter Bunny send out a letter or note to the child. Be sure to mention an accomplishment or special event from the past year to add authenticity. Also, use this opportunity to encourage the child. It never hurts to sneak a little positive message to kids.

Be sure to use note cards or envelopes that he has never seen before and be sure to disguise the handwriting. This will become more important as he gets older. At the bottom, sign the note from the Easter Bunny, or Peter Rabbit, and be sure to add a little rabbit paw print.

A note can also be sent out after Easter letting kids know how much the Easter Bunny enjoyed stopping by.

Leave a Trail to Find the Easter Basket

Making a change in the usual routine can also add an air of excitement to a holiday season. Instead of laying the Easter basket out for the child to see immediately. Hide it somewhere in the house. For older children, think about leaving written clues with instructions on how to find the basket. Younger children would enjoy following a trail of jelly beans to the hidden basket.

Leave a trail out the door as well. Use plastic eggs to lead a pathway to the closest door. Make it look like the Easter Bunny left eggs on the floor until he made it out the door. Parents can talk to their children about these things and encourage the child to think about how the bunny got in and out of the house.

Remember, leaving an Easter basket for mommy or an Easter basket for daddy can also encourage belief in the Easter Bunny.

Plan Ahead for Difficult Easter Bunny Situations

Not all children believe in the Easter Bunny. Some believe longer and others lose the belief early. Because of this, conversations between children when it comes to something like the Easter Bunny can take many different turns. Most children may let something slip unintentionally and a parent should be prepared to address any questions or concerns that kids have after this kind of encounter.

Younger children who visit the Easter Bunny don’t notice all the clues pointing to the adult behind the mask. For them, visiting the Easter Bunny in the mall is real. As children get older, they notice that the Easter Bunny looks different than last time or may ask question like, “How can the Easter Bunny be here at this mall and at the other mall at the same time?”

It is at this point that parents need to make a decision. It may be time to explain the truth about the Easter Bunny to the child. Or, if she is still very young, explain that the Easter Bunny cannot be everywhere at the same time and so he relies on people to help him during the Easter season

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