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Easter Baby Girl Names: Names For Children Born During Lent

Easter, a holiday with deep meaning to many Christians but also with secular ties, offers a group of baby girl names that reflect the importance and significance of the Lenten period. Parents expecting the arrival of their bundle of joy during this season have many beautiful names from which to choose and may wish to consider these suggestions.

Consider the Name’s Meaning

When Juliet pondered, “What’s in a name?” perhaps Romeo could have countered, “Very much, my love.” When parents choose a name with a significant meaning, it can have several positive effects on her. The child may come to grasp the value her parents placed on such a name and appreciate the identity that her given name offers her. Parents may choose a name for Easter babies that reflect meanings of life, peace, or light.

Anastasia (meaning resurrection) and Renee (born again) are names that clearly reflect the Easter holiday. Along a similar vein, Zoe and Asha, both meaning life, may appeal to parents looking for a name with contemporary appeal that indicates the life-giving power associated with Christ.

Additionally, less common names of Irene, Friede, and Salome convey the meaning of peace, a tenant of Jesus ministry, while names such as Lucinda and Photine (light) suggest relevance to the imagery of Jesus as the light of the world.

Names of Women Involved In Jesus Christ’s Life

A remarkable aspect of Jesus’ ministry was the esteem that he gave to women, a group of people completely ignored and unvalued by society during his life. Several women are recorded as playing a key role in the life and ministry of Jesus and would make wonderful options for baby girls born during the Lenten season.

Perhaps the most obvious choice would be Mary, in honor of Jesus’ mother or his follower, Mary Magdalene. However, there are other women with whom Jesus had critical interactions. Consider Anna, who appears in Luke 2:36-38. Her name is often overlooked during retellings of the nativity story, but she played an important role in Jesus’ dedication at the temple. Other women active in Jesus adult ministry include Joanna and Susanna, who both appear in chapter 8 of the book of Luke.

Virtue Names

Virtue names, which became excessively popular in latter half of the 18th century in English speaking areas, also provide a pool of names to consider. Names such as Faith, Grace, Hope, and Joy still remain common in today’s world, but parents seeking to honor other aspects of Christ’s life might consider Mercy, Patience, or Constance.

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