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Easter And Passover Are Not For New Lovers: Religious Holidays Represent Commitment Not Cuddles

Newly connected couples should skip spending Easter or Passover together, because such holidays trod on heavy relationship territory loaded with emotional land minds. Easter and Passover are primarily religious holidays, no matter how much Christians focus on the chocolate, bunnies, eggs, and Jews on the gefilte fish.

Easter and Passover are Not for New Lovers

No one can ignore the fact that spending a holiday together that is steeped in theology, tradition, and emotion can lead to deeper questions about a relationship that no one may feel like answering. Whether couples are the same religion, different religions, or no religion, attending a Passover Seder or Easter Brunch with a date brands the twosome as a “serious couple.” A prospective lover may very well respond to a round of matzo balls and a room full of relatives by running shrieking after Elijah. The prospect of pineapple-studded spiral sliced ham passed by Aunt Winnie may encourage a special guest to give up dating before next year’s Lent.

Don’t Put All the Easter Eggs in One Basket

Visit family or friends on Easter or Passover or do nothing at all, but don’t spend the day with a potential significant other. Make other plans. Easter or Passover are holidays to approach after love strikes, not before. Otherwise, a couple risks spending the whole day with the weight of intentions, or lack of them, hanging over them like a rain cloud.

How to Politely Decline a Holiday Event

Sometimes it is the special friend’s family, particularly a mother or a sister, who extends the Easter dinner or Passover Seder invitation. The prospective hostess is probably something of a stranger, yet she is also a close relative to the likely lover. How does one decline such an edict from a new friend’s family?

The best way to handle the situation is not to decline the invitation in the third person. Emailing or texting regrets are also inappropriate for such an offer. It is best to call the relative directly, speak to her personally, and convey that, unfortunately, there are other pressing details occupying time on that special day. Don’t forget to convey that information to the potential lover; he or she is not going to be happy hearing about “other plans” from a relative who, clearly, lacks sensitivity, having already overstepped a boundary by issuing a premature inclusion in personal family rituals to an acquaintance .

Celebrate Spring

Instead of celebrating a religious holiday, surprise a special friend with a spring picnic featuring gaily colored boiled eggs and coconut cupcakes. The event can occur any time in March or April and it is an easy way to take the edge off any expectations the other partner may have about attending church together or lighting menorah candles. It is also fun, which is the only objective a new couple should expect from a get together at this point.

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