Happy Easter

Easter Activities For Preschoolers: Fun Projects And Games For Small Children

Easter is one of the favorite holidays for the year for most kids. They love the colors, the baby chicks and bunnies, and of course, the candy! If you need some ideas for creative Easter activities for your preschooler, here are some really exciting ones.

Easter Grass

This is a great activity for your younger children. It is a good way to learn a little bit about how things grow, and with the weather getting warmer, the children will start feeling the itch to go outside. You can grow a whole miniature meadow in a simple Easter basket.

You’ll need:

  • 1 Easter basket, the bigger the better
  • 1 pound of wheat seed
  • 1 pound of vermiculite
  • A roll of plastic wrap or a clear plastic bag

About a week before Easter Sunday, put plastic wrap in a large Easter basket. Fill it with about two inches of vermiculite. Now sprinkle the wheat seed on top. Add just enough water to make the seed bed damp. You probably won’t have to add any more water before Easter.

Now, place the basket in a cookie sheet or similar pan. Put it where it can receive some sunlight. Cover the top of the basket with plastic wrap. This will help keep it moist, but remember to remove it after two days. You’ll soon see the wheat sprouting up over the next few days. When Easter morning comes, your eggs will have a great hiding place. Your little ones will have a lot of fun watching the wheat grow.

Another great twist on this activity is to plant some spring flowers with your child. She will hopefully get the feel for nature and for gardening. What could be more fun for a little child than watching a flower bloom that she planted? Plus, it’s a great way to get her outside.

Easter Bunny Puppet Show

This is a fun way for your little one to express her imagination and creativity. Pick up some brown paper sacks (lunch size). Use the folded part for the face of bunny. Let your child decorate the faces while you cut out some big floppy bunny ears. Glue on the ears, and let the show begin.

Easter Bonnets and Ties

Go shopping together for a pretty Easter bonnet. They are often in the stores very early in the season and children always love playing dress up. You’ll also find many beautiful Easter outfits, as well. If the weather is nice, take your child out to the park after your shopping trip and let her play. Boys will enjoy picking out an Easter tie.

More Easter Activities

  • A trip to the local farm store will usually give your child the opportunity to see hundreds of baby chicks and rabbits.
  • Decorate an Easter basket and fill it with essentials. Then take the basket to your local homeless shelter. Surely there is a little child there that would love to receive it.
  • Throw a party for your child’s friends and dye Easter eggs. This way only one house gets the mess, and there will be lots of hands to help clean up.

Anything you do with your child for Easter fun will be worth it. Preschoolers have such great imaginations, so ask your child what she likes to do best. Even if it means hiding Easter eggs all around the yard or coloring Easter pictures, it will be a great memory for years to come.

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