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Brand-name Easter Basket Ideas: Make Special Gift Baskets With One’s Favorite Candies

Year after year, Easter is always a great day. The children wake up to the thought of getting a dark, milk, or white chocolate bunny, maybe some plastic eggs with other favorites, and marshmallow Peeps.

When compiling this year’s Easter baskets, parents can make it even better when they incorporate everyday favorite brands. While this may sound like a simple trip to the candy aisle, and it can be, there’s more to these candy makers than a simple chocolate bar.

Nestle can Give Easter Baskets Great Variety

The Swiss Nestle Co. is widely known for its Nestle Crunch bar, a sweet milk chocolate bar mixed with crunchy rice. But before simply throwing these awesome candy bars into a child’s Easter basket, don’t forget about their other lines of goods.

The Nestle Co. also makes the following favorites:

● Abuelita cocoa

● Carlos V Mexican chocolate bars

● Laffy Taffy

● Nips

● Wonka products, such as Gobstoppers and Nerds

● Raisinettes

● Spree

● Skinny Cow ice cream bars

While Skinny Cow ice cream won’t fare well in an Easter basket, they will make for great dessert after Easter brunch.

Hershey is Great for Everyone on Easter

Nestle puts up some stiff competition on Easter, but Hershey may have them beat. Along with Hershey Kisses and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, they also have an array of Kosher items, such as:

● 5th Avenue candy bar

● Almond Joy cookies

● Original and cotton candy Bubble Yum

● Whoppers

● Zero

● Rolo caramel candies

This goes on, but one cannot forget other great Hershey products like Twizzlers, chocolate syrup, and that Hershey also has a long line of sugar-free candy for diabetics.

The only thing that may outdo Hershey is a brand that outdoes all others, which can be found in Godiva.

Godiva Sets Easter Baskets Above Others

Godiva pulls out all the stops on quality when it comes to chocolate. In fact, those who desire a truly Godiva Easter can do so simply by purchasing a basket directly from them, chocolate bunny and all.

For those unfamiliar, Godiva Chocolates is a premium candy maker out of Belgium. They make truffles, coffee, and cocoa, and for some, once they’ve had Godiva, nothing else compares.

These connoisseurs are sometimes referred as “chocolate snobs.” No doubt the label was derived from competitors who couldn’t measure up, but the name sticks, no less, and some wear it proudly.

This Easter, regardless of one’s tastes, the best basket will be the one that suits he who opens it. If Hershey is best, then Nestle should stay on the shelf. For Godiva lovers, Easter can be especially sweet

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