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An Easter Basket For Mommy: Ideas For a Unique Easter Gift For Mother

While Easter baskets are traditionally for children, adults can also enjoy giving and receiving Easter baskets. What if mommy woke to to an Easter Basket in the morning? Daddy and grandparents can help children participate in Easter by creating one just for mommy. Kids may ask about the Easter Bunny and why they are putting it together. Here is a great way to explain this to a child: “The Easter Bunny asked for a little help this year. He knew how important your mommy is to you and thought you would be the perfect helper for the job.”

There are so many items that would be great for making mommy’s basket special. Remember that to a mommy, this gift will be much more about the thought and effort instead of the actual items.Here are a few ideas to get things started:

Handmade Easter Basket Gifts

Letting the kids make something for mommy is the perfect way to give them an opportunity to participate. Kids can make mommy an Easter card, an Easter book, a necklace or a bookmark. Each activity requires minimal materials and cleanup. The time each activity takes depends on the number of children and their ages. Check out Children’s Handmade Easter Gifts for help with these ideas.

Gift Cards for an Easter Basket

While gift cards may seem impersonal, they do ensure that mommy is able to get exactly what she wants or needs. Add a personalized touch by letting the kids decorate an envelope for the gift card. If children are older, consider letting each one choose what kind of gift card or certificate to get for mom. For example, for a three child family, get three $10 gift cards and let each child pick where their gift card will be from.

Themed Easter Basket

Think about an activity that mommy likes to do and create a basket that is not only a gift, but an opportunity to do something she enjoys. Fill a scrapbooking mommy’s basket will new specialty scissors, pretty papers and some embellishments that she doesn’t have. For a new or soon-to-be mommy, add bath salts, scented lotions, and maybe a book to read while she relaxes.

Think Outside the Easter Basket

The container for these gifts does not always have to be a basket. Because the gift is for an adult, keeping with all Easter traditions may not be as important. Here are a few ideas for “containers” for all of the Easter goodies:

● A new purse

● A sewing basket

● A breakfast tray (with breakfast in bed included of course)

● A new kitchen bowl or vase

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