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A Dozen Great New Year Secular Or Religious Greetings & Closings

New Year’s cards – standard, e-card, or e-mail – often contain many nice sayings or expressions. However, sometimes these cards do not reflect who we are, what we believe or what we would like to say. Here you may find some useful New Year beautiful expressions. You may find that by adding your own warm, personally-written closing words you can transform a good New Year card into an extra special, great or extraordinary card. Consider the examples below as helpful starter thoughts and a working list for consideration. Choose, mix and match, modify and compose those expressions that may work for you

A Dozen Secular New Year’s Greetings, Signoffs and Closings

The simplest expressions are sometimes the best greetings and closures for the New Year. Of course, the word “Love”, “Love and Kisses”, “Loving Hugs”, followed by your signature can be used to close the message on the expressions below. Here are a dozen New Year secular greetings and closings for starters that may serve your needs. You can add “New Year” where appropriate or leave it without that addition. You can capitalize certain first letters of words, or capitalize whole words, as you see fit. You can modify, mix and change these suggestions and formats as you would prefer. Here following are some good New Year’s expressions and wishes:


  • May the Light of the New Year Shine always in Your Heart and Life.
  • In this New Season and Year, and throughout the years, may you have Comfort, Peace and Love.
  • May Peace, Love, and Blessings be with You and Your family This Year and Every Year.
  • Continue to Walk Humbly, and Live and Rejoice in Life.
  • May your (Bright, Lovely) Light and Love Continue to Shine each and every day.
  • May you have Peace and Love, Now and Always.
  • Thank you for your Friendship and Love. It is the Best Gift I have Ever Received and One I Cherish.
  • Your Friendship has been Long and Good. May We Walk Together in That Way Always.
  • Your Love, Work and Sacrifices are an Inspiration – Thank You So Much for All You Do.
  • Simple Best Wishes and Thanks for Who You Are and What You Do.
  • The New Year would not be right, without My Thanks to You for All You do both day and night.
  • A few simple words that say “Thank you – so very much.” You are Appreciated and Loved.

General Theistic, Religious-Centered Expressions for New Year Greetings and Closings

There are three greetings and closings here that are appropriate to consider for use of modification in the New Year greeting:

  • During this New Year we are reminded of how God loves us and enriches our lives. May you be blessed at this time. Blessings and Love Always,
  • God has taught and showed us how to live and give – just as you have done for me (us). In My (Our) Prayers and Thoughts. With Love,
  • God shows us how to love and how to live and walk and talk along life’s way — just as you have done throughout my (our) life. To you and Him I owe so much and I reach out with these words to simply say – I Love You and Thank You so very much.

Christian New Year Greetings and Closings

These expressions are based in part on the Holy Bible. Consider some useful scriptural citations and applications here as they relate.

  • Jesus came as the Way, The Truth and The Life, and We Pray that You and Yours have that full abundance of His spiritual wealth this New Year and in the years to come. With Blessings and Love,
  • In Peace He came and His Peace He gave. May You and Your Family have that Peace that He gave that passes all understanding – now and always. Love,
  • He calls us as friends, brothers and sisters – We are reminded of Jesus at this time and throughout the year. You are in our prayers and thoughts – now and in the days ahead. Love,

New Year’s Greetings – Send Them Early, Send Them Late – Yes, Send Them

Remember a New Year’s greeting received is typically a greeting welcomed. A greeting never sent cannot be received. So, whether early or late, or even past the holiday season, remember to send your greetings forward – they will be appreciated and remembered.

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